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Ulysses the Flagbearer by UWoodward
Ulysses the Flagbearer

"Like one, that on a lonesome road / Doth walk in fear and dread / And, having once turned round, walks on / And turns no more his head / Because he knows a frightful fiend / Doth close behind him tread"

I would have loved to have made Ulysses R/W/U, but there's really no white in either his motivations or methods. The core of his character is green; veneration of history and search for acceptance. There's also quite a bit of blue and red in his self improvement and emotional attachment to the Courier.

Magic: the Gathering belongs to Wizards of the Coast
Fallout: New Vegas belongs to Bethesda
The Think Tank by UWoodward
The Think Tank
My next New Vegas commander: The mighty Think Tank who shall destroy you miserable lobotomites with the power of SCIENCE!

Visually, I hate how this turned out. There's not enough good pictures of the Think Tank all together. Mechanically and flavorfully, I love it.
Ability 1: Dr. Klein turns on the Pacification Field.
Ability 2: Dr. 8 does some actual useful research, but no one can understand him.
Ability 3: Dr. Dala removes an organ from a  creature, just to see what happens
Ability 4: Dr. O tries to take apart a robot and it explodes. Again.
Ability 5: Dr. Boros (who is neither red nor white) mutates some poor helpless apex predator to be even more apex-y and predatory

Magic: the Gathering belongs to Wizards of the Coast
Fallout: New Vegas belongs to Bethesda
Joshua the Burned Man by UWoodward
Joshua the Burned Man
Continuing, my New Vegas commanders, there's Joshua Graham.

Graham exemplifies both positive and negative aspects of R/W. He's compassionate, charismatic and has the best interests of the Sorrows and Dead Horses in mind, but he's also hot headed and prone to justifying his own vengeful bloodlust as God's will.

Mechanically, he's hard to kill, aggressively costed, and makes an immediate impact when he hits the field as he drives your creatures to attack rather than stay on the defensive. Maybe a simple effect for a mythic, but in a Boros aggro deck, devastating.

Magic: the Gathering belongs to Wizards of the Coast
Fallout: New Vegas belongs to Bethesda
Sierra Madre by UWoodward
Sierra Madre
Been playing a lot of New Vegas since I won't be getting Fallout 4 any time soon. Got to thinking how some of the characters from the DLC would be on cards, which led me to making some cards with EDH in mind. In my mind, the Sierra Madre itself is as much a character as anyone else in Dead Money, and is way more interesting as a card than Father Elijah (although I may make a card of him in the future).

Designing this, I wanted something for multiplayer that players would fight over and steal from each other to capture the feel of treasure hunters betraying each other to get at the prize. It probably needs tweaked a lot , but I'm happy with the basic outcome. I have a feeling Zedruu would have a blast with this.

Magic: the Gathering belongs to Wizards of the Coast
Fallout: New Vegas belongs to Bethesda
Celestia One by UWoodward
Celestia One
Yes, I reused the art from Supreme Verdict. It's surprisingly hard to find pictures of giant solar death rays from space that aren't from a Magic card.

Yet another one that I really don't know if it's overcosted or undersosted. 

As always, Fallout Equestria is by Kkat.
Magic the Gathering belongs to Wizards of the Coast.
Art is by Sam Burley.


Um, hi.
United States

Like a month ago but whatever, I've been busy.

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